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Beth has been on her journey to self-empowerment since 2008. 

For her, self-empowerment means that if she knows the root cause of something, she has the ability and aptitude by empowering herself over the discord.  Her experiences have taught her that knowing the root cause is imperative to healing trauma. Beth’s passion lies in finding the root causes of all traumas and discords; she mostly focuses on research. 

Beth’s special interest goes to Kinesiology (muscle testing), a form of biofeedback. Your body is designed to recognize that which is true and accurate; in other words, your body does not lie. When knowing how to ask the question, your body is equipped to give you the correct answer when unfiltered by disruptions. 

For Beth, vibrational healing is not just a modality: it’s a way of life. She applies it to all endeavors she chooses. She  doesn’t believe in modalities; in her opinion, they are just another form of religion.  Healing is our natural state of being, we have just forgotten that we have the ability to transform energy into matter. 

We are all Creators in human bodies. 

"In our stillness we see our InnerSpace. This is where our magic happens." ~Beth

Get in touch with Beth at: 

[email protected] 

Jeff and I are excited to announce Aria...


Hi, I’m Aria. 

I’m the Head of Marketing and Operations for The Institute for Soul Evolution. I have the incredible opportunity to work alongside Jeff & Beth to ensure their business runs as smoothly as possible as their Head of Operations. In the role as their Head of Marketing, I help them gain visibility. If you wandered onto their page via a TikTok video or an ad on Google or YouTube, that was me. I have been successfully managing and growing brands since 2018. I look forward to being a part of the growth & success of The Institute for Soul Evolution.


I am excited that you have decided to get to know Jeff & Beth. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions regarding the tech of managing your portal within Kajabi. It is my job as Head of Operations to ensure that your user experience is top notch! You can email me personally at [email protected].


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Get in touch with Aria at

[email protected]