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 No Philosophy, No Dogma Just A Return to Your Personal Power 

Our Mission at IFSE: 

Spread Consciousness

We're building a true movement of “soul warriors” to expand the consciousness of this planet.

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We help people liberate their true self and find their true path through group clearings and online programs.

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Full training for future vibrational healers + high-level mastermind for practitioners

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The Driving Forces behind the Institute for Soul Evolution


Since 2008, Jeff and Beth have been practicing a healing modality based on new discoveries regarding the body’s subtle energies known as Vibrational Healing. This modality has been proven successful in thousands of clinical cases and applies to every physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual issue. It works by eliminating the underlying cause of the symptoms to remove energetic blockages in the body/mind/energy field complex. 

Jeffrey Wilson, Chief Metaphysician at the Institute for Soul Evolution

Jeffrey Wilson

Jeffrey leads all group clearings and private sessions, as well as trainings and workshops.

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Beth Simon, Institute for Soul Evolution

Beth Simon

Beth leads the Soul Warrior Network community and directs operations at the Institute.

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