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Bipolar disorder is an imbalance of blood flow to the brain, meaning that blood is not going up and coming down at the same rate, throwing the brain off and causing personality shifts. This is essentially an energetic imbalance.

Though, the question is, is it normal for bipolar sufferers to feel like they are dealing with a whole other angry entity? There are many causes of bipolar and for those living with bipolar, it can feel like they are at war with a whole other entity, an angry ‘beast’, and this article explores this topic in detail. 


The Vanishing Twin Syndrome

The vanishing twin syndrome is a cause of the bipolar disorder and even schizophrenia. The vanishing twin syndrome happens before biological birth when you decided that you were going to be born on this earth and you decided your birth date, who your parents are going to be, and where you are going to live.

Some things about your life your spirit sends ahead to your mother. Your spirit works with your mother to create a body that matches your baseline vibratory frequency. Most people (their souls), occupy their bodies at first breath.

When your body is born, you take the first breath, and your soul comes in and occupies the body.

However, when a mother gets pregnant with twins there are two fetuses in the womb, meaning two souls need to work with the mother. Sometimes it can happen when the other soul of the other body occupies their body early.

This means that a soul connects to a body early and it gets a ‘free ride’ (or a vacation). Though, there is a risk with twin pregnancies that one of the twins terminates before they are born. Because it already has a soul, the soul tries to find another body to occupy and sees your body still growing. Instead of going back to the other side and processing back through, it jumps into the other living body.

So then, when your body is born, your first breath occurs and then your soul comes roaring in, but there's already somebody else (another soul) in your body. It's like somebody is in your house, and so you can only occupy that field for about 50%, maybe 60%, instead of the 100% you should be.

That is why you grow up with two competing souls in the same body, causing bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. This can also cause general malaise and a few problems.


Your Versus your Other Self

Not everybody with an ‘extra soul’ goes into the spectrum of bipolar disorder, but there are other general problems that you face. This is never appropriate, and should never occur, but it does. How can you get rid of the other soul? You’ll need to do a full-blown soul retrieval to ensure only you occupy your body.

In your mind, it is you who has this continuous voice going on, but it sounds like you're constantly at war with yourself, beating yourself up, chastising yourself, and even self-sabotaging. It sounds like you because there's only one voice in your head, but what it really is, is the other person trying to take over and trying to command you to do something that they want to be done versus what you want to be done. When this happens, it causes a massive amount of conflict.


Bipolar Disorder is the Discarnate Spirit

Bipolar can be an imbalance in the brain, or it can be the vanishing twin. Though, sometimes it can also be a discarnate spirit.

A discarnate spirit is a soul that's in your past. The body is suddenly terminated and for some reason, that soul chose not to go back to the other side. It could decide that it is too complex to find another body to attach to. When this happens, some will just attach to the back of the field and ride along and not do much about it. But some souls will try to exert pressure and try to control you.

You might feel like you're being pressured. Like there's something with you, or like there's something following you around. Maybe even that there's some other person within you. That is a discarnate spirit.

Often spouses may experience sudden changes in the behavior of their partner. A husband who has never been a drinker is suddenly at the bar every day and likes to drink alcohol and fast becoming an alcoholic. Cases like this exist and we discovered that the discarnate spirit, that attached itself to his field was previously an alcoholic and he didn't want to leave this earth.


My Bipolar Disorder is a whole other Entity

There could be a few other causes of bipolar, including some imbalances, and energetic imbalances, but the root of it is a conflict of souls.

"My disorder is a whole other entity. Is that normal?"

It could literally be a whole other entity. Some other things that could happen are out of nowhere, you can experience an energetic attack, an energetic assault, aggression, or projected malice. That can also cause you to sometimes feel like you're bipolar.

At the Institute for Soul Evolution, we don't believe bipolar is a quote disease. We believe that there's an energetic root cause to it. Here are some of the general lists of symptoms that you may experience when you're in either or any of these situations.


Symptoms of an Energetic attack

The general list of symptoms resulting from an energetic attack includes:

  • Assault
  • Aggression
  • Persecution
  • Projected malice
  • Extreme susceptibility to and magnetic attraction of all forms of entities
  • Interfering influences.

You can also look out for a partial or complete breakdown of one's defenses and protected faculties. In other words, streaks of or constant encounters with bad luck, unfortunate circumstances, and accidents.

The next is extreme difficulty in relationships and communication, including personal and intimate relationships.

You may also experience pressure on the head and the sinus, and then pain in the head, neck, shoulders, and back muscles joints.

Other symptoms can be brain fog, disruption of thinking processes, and an inability to focus and concentrate.

Also look out for dwelling on negative thoughts, peers, and even suicidal tendencies. When we get children or teenagers with suicidal ideation or suicidal thoughts, that's immediately where we go. Your natural state is happy, healthy, joyful, fearless, loving, and alive. And if you're balanced, energetically, and intact, then suicide is not an option or even a thought. Suicide in this case is an entity that has attached itself to you.

For a deeper dive into symptoms and disabilities associated with this imbalance, watch the video!

Are you experiencing age-regressive actions or personality shifts? Chronic pain in the body with no diagnosed cause? May you experience cluster headaches or migraines, and shifts in the appearance of the eyes?

If you’re at war with another entity, you may appear nervous, shifty, lack spark or shine, or your eyes might be dilated, vacant, or staring. These are just some of the things that can be examples of energetic attack, assault, and aggression. You don’t have to be at war or living in conflict with yourself.

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