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Best Result From Vibrational Healing

Five Tips for Achieving the Best Results from Vibrational Healing


Healing should not just be a reaction to trauma. Rather, it should be an ongoing process that we as creators take to find solutions that are life-enhancing and will benefit our world, going forward. Gaining the best results from vibrational healing is reliant on how much you participate in your healing journey.

To make this easier, these are our top tips to help you be an active participant and get the maximum benefit from a vibrational healing session.

You can read these tips below, or watch the video (scroll down) to watch Jeff as he takes you through the process!


Tip #1: Understand your True Natural State

Your natural state should be one of happy, healthy, joyful, fearless, loving, and alive. To achieve this natural state, you need to believe it. If you are not living in this natural state, then you should work on changing your belief by affirming and telling yourself:


“My natural state is happy, it is healthy, it is joyful, it is fearless, it is loving, it is alive.” 

Start each day by repeating this in a way that you feel comfortable, whether it be lying down, closing your eyes, saying it in the mirror, or walking in nature. When you say it, you give this reality life and space to manifest.


Tip #2: Choose to Heal (only YOU can make this choice)

You are reading this because you want to move forward and let go of the pain that has been holding you back. Remind yourself of the person who you once were, a person who had peace of heart and a person that lived and breathed their true self.

Decide to go from being a spectator of your own life to a leader of the life you want to create. Choose magnificence. 


Tip #3: Step Out of the Survival Zone

If you’ve been settling for the way things are, then you need to be conscious of what is holding you back. You were made for a life of wonder and miracles, and the life you want to have is achievable.

Fear can be crippling – it limits the growth of your personality and dreams – but you are made for more than just survival.

Let go of those fears and decide to be authentic and proactive about thriving. The world may have left you feeling broken, but you are not. Stepping out of survival mode will take a lot of your energy, but you must get back up and take the first steps to break through.


Tip #4: Fix your Vibration

The first law of the universe is vibration. If you are feeling like your field is no longer able to host the proper vibration that you need to thrive, be successful, happy, healthy, joyful, fearless, loving, and authentic, then you need to recalibrate your “I am”.

You cannot achieve what you want if your self-beliefs are out of sync with what you want.

This is easily fixable.

Say: “I am (happy, strong, healthy, brilliant – what you want to achieve) and rediscover who you truly are, and what you were created for.”


Tip #5: Join the Soul Warrior Network

At the Institute for Soul Evolution, we offer weekly group sessions for vibrational healing in a group program called the Soul Warrior Network”.

Our Soul Warriors receive these weekly clearings and Q&A sessions so they can walk away from the best version of themselves. 

In the Soul Warrior Network, we cover different topics each week and share processes that you can participate in to expand your growth even further.

Healing is so much more powerful when we collectively build a field of creation. Meet other people focused on the same intention, and let’s create magic together! 

We hope these tips will prove helpful as you start to prioritize and invest in your journey of healing and growth. A life of joy, love, and fearlessness if possible. 

 If you’re ready for that new life, check out the Soul Warrior Network today!


If you’re ready for that new life, check out the Soul Warrior Network today!

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