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How Does Vibrational Healing Work

Vibrational Healing is a multi-faceted and multi-dimensional embodiment of knowledge and training. Our understanding is a continually unfolding process of revelation. The work seems to have a life of its own that reveals itself at deeper levels the more you experience and work with it. We do know that this work is potentially all-encompassing in its capabilities. To understand it more fully requires that one have a level of fundamental knowledge from which to comprehend this new healing art. There appears to be no simple way to describe Vibrational Healing. Therefore, we think it best to explain how it works by supplying some of this foundational knowledge by way of a series of topics.


What are the subtle physical bodies?

The subtle physical bodies are the more accurate term for what we traditionally call the “subtle energy bodies” and the difference in terminology is more than just a matter of semantics. We call these subtle physical bodies the etheric, emotional, astral, mental, and causal (or higher mental) bodies. They are in reality subtler forms of literal physical matter.

There are seven distinct gradients or densities of physical matter. From high school science class we learned that matter is composed of solids, liquids, and gases. However, the physicists of the late 1800s and early 1900s also recognized gradients of ether - subtler forms of dense physical matter. Current particle physics calls this fourth state of matter plasma, and they are beginning to once again understand that there are varying grades or densities of this plasma. Particle physicists have also discovered that plasma exhibits self-organizing intelligence much like a life form. Ether physics fell into scientific disfavor with the publication of Albert Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity, but it was previously the predominant particle theory held by physicists. The ancients, going back for centuries prior to Newton, also recognized these subtle ethers.

In reality, these four ethers represent higher dimensional forms of physical matter, and therefore, what energetic healers call “subtle energy blockages,” are actually subtle physical blockages - a concreted state of physical matter - not energy. This comprises a fundamental misunderstanding by many in the “energetic healing” field. They have been taught that they are working with subtle energy, when in fact their focus should be on subtle matter.

In fact, we do indeed use energy to alter or reorganize this matter, but as long as we focus on energy as our objective we are missing the mark. We are actually working on and within the realm of subtle physical matter. Our focus, visualization, and intention are in reality missing the object we are pursuing. This is indeed an unfortunate misunderstanding that is limiting the incredible (some would say miraculous) potential of most “energetic” healers and is one of the main reasons why “energetic” healing is not always as effective as we would like for it to be. The potential created by this one clarification is staggering in its implications and can totally alter the entire concept and procedures of “energetic healing.”

A quantum shift in the reality and perception of “energetic” healers is a primary focus of the knowledge available through Vibrational Healing and we can assure you, that the implications are huge.


How does Sacred Geometry relate to the healing arts?

Unbeknownst to many people, the knowledge of the ancient mystery schools focused heavily on principles of sacred geometry and its ability to channel energy and mold physicality. Nowhere was this more evident than in the Pythagorean Mystery School. Pythagoras was one of the earliest teachers to bring forth a more public release of the sacred mystery teachings through geometry, philosophy, and mathematics.

The principles and proportions of Sacred Geometry are reflected in all of nature and these sacred geometric proportions are evident in branching patterns of plants, the cellular division of the human ovum, and even the physical proportions of the human body. These same sacred geometric proportions apply to the Schumann Resonance – basically the heartbeat of the Earth itself. A good book that describes the relationship of sacred geometry to form and the human body is Nothing in this book is true, but it’s exactly how things are by Bob Frissell. 

Da Vinci’s diagram of The Vitruvian Man is his effort to show in his art the sacred geometry contained in the form of the human body. Da Vinci was a high initiate in the sacred mystery teachings and the principles and use of sacred geometry are reflected in his works. This is one of the primary keys to his artistic mastery. His works literally interface with the sacred geometry of the human being and subtle bodies causing a state of Divine Resonance.

Another interesting field to explore is the work of Dr. Hans Jenny . Dr. Jenny is the discoverer and researcher of a field called Cymatics. In his research, Dr. Jenny discovered that any sound frequency induced into a tensioned surface, like a drum head,  produced specific geometric patterns in the sand or other granular substance placed upon its surface. Every single sound frequency forms a distinct geometric pattern. This same principle also applies to frequencies of light, numbers, shapes, and every other frequency in the electromagnetic spectrum.

Notice in the field of physics we have mass spectrometry. The medical diagnostic device, the MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), in essence, is mapping and giving images of varying vibrational states of matter comprising the tissue of the body. The medical diagnostic field is beginning to abound with instruments that image and define vibrational strata. Scientists in Asia are making significant progress in diagnostic equipment to measure and image bio-energy emanations of the human aura, Chakras, and the human energy field. Kirlian photography is only one of these discovered fields.

  From these emerging fields of science, it becomes evident that sacred geometry is a tool used by the Creator to induce and give form to His/Her manifest physicality. Sacred geometry is even applicable to the helical structure of human DNA - It takes the structural form of a phase-locked standing columnar wave. Even the shape of our galaxy conforms to that of the Sacred Golden Mean Spiral (below).

Much of the aberrance in the human condition is a result of the distortion of our appropriate (God Given) patterning, which no longer conforms to its appropriate geometric state, shape, or condition. The result is blocking or aberrantly altering the flow of Vital Life Force Energy emanating from the Creator and available in unlimited quantities from the Creative Ethers surrounding all atomic structures.

There is much that can distort our own Divine Geometry and the distortions appear to compound with age and experiences. Probably foremost amongst these distorting influences are physical and emotional traumas or abuse that we experience. Additionally, our emotions, thoughts, thought forms, beliefs, fears, perceptions, and feelings likewise alter this state of Divine Geometry. We consciously, or mostly unconsciously, adulterate our own morphogenetic field, the field out of which physical form manifests, therefore creating our own dis-ease and disharmony. We also do this by our own uninformed choices and activities. 


How do Sacred Geometric Codes and Symbols provide healing activity? 

Sacred Geometric Codes and Symbols operate multi-dimensionally and beyond the realm of space and time. After many years of research and the development of Vibrational Healing Sacred Geometric Code and Symbol technology, we have come to discover many things about them. 

Most homeopathic remedies contain one primary vibrational frequency. Carefully crafted vibrational essences and elixirs can contain as many as 100,000 beneficial vibrational frequencies to address healing and clearing needs. But a few appropriate Sacred Geometric Codes and Symbols can deliver millions of discrete Spiritual and vibrational frequencies to assist in healing throughout multi-dimensional levels of the human “energy field” and consciousness. 

Notice that I say appropriate; for there is also discordant geometry that can induce discord and imbalance in the human energy field and we can encounter this anywhere in our environment. The Nazi symbol, the Swastika, is a simple example of a discordant symbol that can collapse the human energy field for a considerable period of time just by looking at it. Interestingly, in this weakened field condition, people and their consciousness can be more easily influenced. Other forms of discordant geometry have often become integrated into the physical and subtle bodies and can impede or distort the flow of Vital Life Force Energy. In fact, the subtle physical blockages themselves are in an aberrant shape or state of geometry. Great care should be applied in the use of this technology - used indiscriminately or by the unknowledgeable is foolhardy. 

The Sacred Geometric Codes and Symbols developed for and used in the Vibrational Healing technology are archetypal in nature, working in the realm of no space and no time. They are immediately recognized by the morphogenetic field for their intended work to be done, free from interference from the conscious and subconscious mind and the common blocks, barriers, and issues one may even have to their highest healing. 

When applied appropriately, with specific knowledge and technique, the Sacred Geometric Codes and Symbols can reorganize discordant conditions of aberrant geometry in the subtle physical bodies and realms of consciousness. In doing this, they can remove thousands of subtle physical blockages to the flow of necessary sustaining energies nearly instantaneously. Attunement to the codes and training in their use is accomplished in the Vibrational Healing Weekly Clearing in the Soul Warrior Network and Ignite Your Happiness online courses.

Discordant emotional states and traumas, etheric blockages, toxic energies and substances, and a nearly endless list of other imbalances, disharmony, and dissonance can be simply cleared or alchemically transmuted by the accomplished practitioner. 


How does vibrational healing promote and accelerate the ascension process? 

Healing activity and the resulting leaps made in consciousness and personal empowerment are actually a graduated series of individual ascension processes. We ascend on many levels concurrently through a series of ascension experiences. As we do this healing we Spiritualize the physical body at the cellular level. The object is to accelerate the overall frequency of the physical body to nearer that of Spiritual matter so that it can contain and channel more Spiritual Light and access higher Spiritual resources and higher dimensional energies. 

As blockages, barriers, and personal and emotional issues are resolved through healing and clearing processes, there occurs a corresponding increase in the baseline vibratory frequency of the body. This results in natural detoxification that occurs not only in the dense physical but also in the subtle physical or ether bodies. The clearing of these subtle and physical toxins and concretions causes all of the bodies to channel, contain and utilize higher quantities, qualities, and frequencies of light, including Spiritual Light. This is a palpable experience that can often be felt immediately by the person undergoing the clearing. 

As the baseline vibratory frequency rises in all of the cells of the physical and subtle physical bodies, it causes the body and energy field to come into greater levels of sympathetic resonance with higher Spiritual realms and dimensional realities. The bodies then tend to attract (resonate to) these higher dimensional realms, awareness and consciousness, and the gifts inherent within them. The physical body literally becomes more rarified in the density of its substance - more ephemeral, and closer in vibrational rate to a fourth-dimensional substance. As this occurs, the physical body comes more into the vibrational realm of light and the person’s Light Body. This makes the physical and light bodies more compatible with one another so that eventually, the physical body ascends to the vibrational state of the Light Body and they meld as one on a continual basis. This process is called integrating the Light Body. This then further Spiritualizes the substance of the physical and subtle physical bodies - what we call the ascension or ascension process. 

Some of the new gifts and abilities that can be gained include massive increases in the power of intention, intuition, and healing abilities including accelerated development of psychic gifts and increased conscious control of your life and its circumstances. There are many gifts and new abilities available from the Creator and higher Spiritual realms if only we make a commitment to our own healing and be willing to entertain change in our life and perception. 

After our best attempt to describe how Vibrational Healing works, the full magnitude of this healing work ultimately defies any sufficient attempt at expression. Suffice it to say that it is truly something wondrous that must be experienced to fully realize and appreciate. Thank you for joining us. 

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