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Indigos and Crystals


A distinctly different group of children has been born onto the planet over the last couple of decades according to Lee Carroll and Jan Tober in their book The Indigo Children.​

The Indigo Child is a boy or girl who displays a new and unusual set of psychological attributes, revealing a pattern of behavior generally undocumented before. This pattern has singularly unique factors that call for parents and teachers to change their treatment and upbringing of these kids to assist them in achieving balance and harmony in their lives and to help them avoid frustration.

Indigo children have all or a large number of the following 7 characteristics:

1) They know their own mind from an early age. 

2) Independent and headstrong.

3) Creative.

4) Intuitive and have psychic abilities.

5) Sensitive especially to animals.

6) Easily bored and may become disruptive at school if the teacher doesn't understand where they are coming from.

7) High strung, or intense.

Older indigos often fall foul of drugs or other addictions and are prone to depression. They need to choose college courses or jobs that really play to their strengths & find supportive friends. They are here to change things, so can find themselves kicking against the system a lot- which can be very stressful.

Dr. Doreen Virtue has contributed much information about these children. She also gives information on the newer arrivals, the Crystal Children. This is what she has to say:

Both generations are highly sensitive and psychic and have important life purposes. The main difference is their temperament. Indigos have a warrior spirit because their collective purpose is to mash down old systems that no longer serve us. They are here to quash government, educational, and legal systems that lack integrity. To accomplish this end, they need tempers and fiery determination. Those adults who resist change and who value conformity may misunderstand the Indigos. They are often mislabeled with the psychiatric diagnoses of Attention Deficit with Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). Sadly, when they are medicated, The Indigos often lose their beautiful sensitivity, spiritual gifts, and warrior energy.

I've recently been told by my guides to focus my work on helping indigos find their way to the light. This includes helping indigos identify who they are and then help them develop their gifts.

I think the thing that strikes me is that most are that Indigos do not know they are Indigos nor do they understand, or maybe have never labeled, their abilities. An important aspect of whether or not Indigos struggle is the exposure to metaphysics in their life growing up. It seems that if the family environment or culture does not allow for such a discussion or experience great pain and personal misunderstanding can occur. In a recent meeting of Indigos, someone who was very clearly intuitive stated, "I don't think I'm psychic". And in the same paragraph stated several things that intuitive or "psychics" have/are.

Indigo Children are, many are no longer children, those who contain a soul that has evolved over many lifetimes to become of a higher state. Indigos are often called "old souls" because they are. According to Indigo theory, Indigo Children began entering this planet influx around the 1970s although many Indigos are in their 50s and beyond. Today the majority of children are Indigos. It has been theorized that Indigos chose to come to Earth at this time to be a part of the shift that is occurring. They are here to uplift the planet and raise the vibrations of all of us. There are several traits that you can see in an Indigo. Some are from previous authors and others are from my own observations in working with adolescents.

Question authority

This rebellion may be quiet and expressed as being very stubborn and "not listening" or extreme into oppositional and defiant behavior.

Very Sensitive

This is seen in most senses but more so with regard to emotional sensitivity. The term "Emo" is popular slang now to describe someone who is "Emotional" to a non-conventional level. Indigos may have once or currently, are cutters and many Indigos had/have suicidal thoughts and feelings. But they often feel the pain and feelings of others and being in public places is difficult. Indigos will also have difficulty with extended periods of loud sounds like concerts or even movies. This does not seem to apply to personal listening like in a car, room, or headphones.

Depression is common

This seems separate from being emotionally sensitive. The depression seems to stem from not actualizing their personal power and not having a connection with other Indigos. When their power is not cultivated and they are not in contact with others like themselves a significant level of loneliness and depression occurs. They are aware of the significance of their purpose in this lifetime but they have no idea what to do with it or even what it is about. They feel strange and misunderstood.

Clear Sight

Indigos are naturally able to see beyond a person's exterior and see the truth. They are natural truth seers in all aspects and have a difficult time being a part of the illusion. This means they do not act inauthentically and if they do it causes discomfort. They do not do well in occupations that require schmoozing and have a great disdain for small talk. Their relationships are deep and meaningful with other authentic people. They are less likely to place value on fashion and material things.

Do not do well in systems. Systems do not make sense to Indigos and if the rules do not make sense they will not follow them and will actively work to break down any system that does not serve an authentic purpose. This includes school. The bold Indigos will be the ones actively questioning an administrator or teacher. They will be holding personal or public protests against injustice in the system. The quiet ones will be suffering internally which may not be apparent to others, even those close to them.

High School is difficult for Indigos. Many Indigos have a very difficult time in high school. The lucky ones are invisible as a means to survive the unlucky ones are bullied. Indigos are different and have a really hard time hiding it as it would mean being inauthentic which Indigos cannot do for very long. High school is all about being inauthentic and putting on an appearance despite the truth underneath. Indigos cannot play this game and high school is incredibly torturous for many.

Feeling alien

Some Indigos actually feel like they are from another planet others feel that the families they are born in and/or where they were born does not feel right. They will naturally distance themselves from the families and/or hometowns and relocate to an area that feels more like home. They may also re-create families with friends that feel more natural. They are the black sheep of where they live and/or of their family which can cause a great deal of emotional pain as the other family members or community members will act out their misunderstanding towards them. Indigos are natural survivors so they will make changes soon after they turn 18 if the environment is not supportive.

Patience is not an Indigo virtue. Waiting in line, traffic, slow results, "dumb" people are especially frustrating to Indigos, and being understanding of these givens in life also does not come easily. 

Vocal and opinionated

Being old souls, Indigos are born knowing exactly what they want and even how to do it. They do not easily rely on others for help and will frustrate themselves or give up before asking for help. They are often open about what they believe and their beliefs are very strong. You will see this even in Indigo babies.


The most important trait of an Indigo is that they have intuitive/empathic/clairvoyant/medium abilities. This is the reason they are here and they will often have scary and disturbing experiences if they do not have access to someone who knows how to properly guide them.


Crystal Children

Intuitive, Psychic, Very Sensitive, Caring, Empathic, Peace-Loving

These children are young still. We will all have to see how they bring their gentler natures to bear on society as they grow up. These children are young still. We will all have to see how they bring their gentler natures to bear on society as they grow up.

I do sense that the planet is being geared up for a major shift in vibration and that much is speeding up around us. Perhaps these children were needed to shake things up and instigate change. I am always loath to apply labels to people, especially to children, but if ‘Indigo children help us to understand the distinctive changes in our young people then it may be useful a useful one.

21 Traits of Crystal Children

1) Highly psychic, natural lie detectors.

2) Old souls with large eyes that look wise beyond their years.   When they look at you, it feels as if they are looking into you rather than at you. It is because they are reading you.

3) Often called 'serious' children but, they are actually very playful.  Their old soul shines through making people think they are serious.

4) Will tolerate authority as it is the Indigo's job to buck the leaders.  They know that any authority they must endure is only temporary.

5) Universal Love!

6) Gentile.

7) Spontaneous, shows affection.8) Christ Consciousness, Forgiveness, Oneness, Peace, and Love.

8) Christ Consciousness, Forgiveness, Oneness, Peace, and Love.

9) Empaths, highly telepathic.

10) Often misdiagnosed as having Autism or Asperger's Disorders.

11) Often they do not begin to speak until 3 or 4 years of age because they do not need to.  They only speak because we need them to.

12) They can read your thoughts. But cannot determine between general thoughts and private thoughts. Because they cannot comprehend private thoughts, they have no understanding of personal space.

13) Their aura is crystalline and has soft pastel colors.

14) Natural caretaker and natural healing abilities.

15) Natural vegetarians.

16) Often prefer the company of animals to people.

17) As children, they prefer adults.  They Interact with other kids if they have a matching vibration if do not, they can only play for a limited time.

18) They wait and observe strangers.  Once they determine a person's trustworthiness, they show their love through hugs, kisses, and words.

19) They bring Crown chakra energy to the world.  They are here to teach the world how to reconnect to their Divine Sacred Source.   They will show you Inner Divinity.

20) They open the door to telepathy which will one day be the sole source of communication to the world.

21)They will often incarnate into dysfunctional homes however, they can overcome karma quicker than most.

"We are not new to the world.  We have been coming since the beginning of time.  (Christ was a Crystal child.)  We continue to incarnate today."



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