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The 4 Primary Sustaining Energy Systems of the Body

Energetic Anatomy

The 4 Primary Sustaining Energy Systems of the Body

Our research in Phoenix Rising Vibrational Healing™ recognizes and addresses four primary energetic systems of the physical and subtle bodies. One of these systems is, of course, the well known system of Chakras and their corresponding meridians. These are standard knowledge and have been charted in Eastern medical traditions for centuries. This system brings Chi or Vital Life Force Energy into the body and then channels this energy to every organ and function of the body. The meridians have been charted and are named after the primary bodily organs with which they are associated. This information has been extensively researched and is utilized in the Eastern Arts of Acupuncture/Acupressure and Shiatsu. Our research indicates that this is only one network of energy distribution within the physical and subtle bodies- the other three being mostly unknown and uncharted in the existing literature.

Some of the Chakras of the body serve multiple functions and are entry points for more than one quality of sustaining energy. While some literature states that prana is synonymous with Chi, Vital Life Force Energy and several other terms such as orgone, od, odic force, etc., our research indicates that this is not the case. The Pranic system of the body is an entire energetic network with its own centers of entry and meridians of distribution within the physical and subtle bodies. This Pranic system comprises the second primary sustaining energetic system of the body. The Pranic system is just as necessary to maintain health and balance as the Chi system of the body and likewise is also subject to blockages and imbalance. Since Prana is also obtained from the air and through the breath, the lungs and lung Chakras play an important role in obtaining this energy.

In addition to these two energetic systems of the body there are two others complete with their centers of entry and meridians. The third system channels and distributes Spiritual Light throughout the body. The fourth is the system of Fire Vitality. The four systems also equate to the four primary “elements” of the ancients; Earth, Air, Fire and Water. This is different from the 5-element theory in common usage relating to the primary Chi energy system of Chakras and meridians known in Acupuncture. They are four entirely discrete energetic systems making available four distinct qualities and vibrational strata of energy. These systems also apply to the animal kingdom and no doubt the Earth itself, as it is a living entity. The Chi energetic system of the Earth has already been identified and its planetary Chakras and meridians (ley lines) have been charted. As above, so below - As below, so above.

Each discrete system described above can have what we call chronic blockages. This is the level to which a Chakra or meridian is chronically blocked to receiving and distributing Chi, Prana, Spiritual Light and Fire Vitality.

In the Phoenix Rising Vibrational Healing™ training programs, Jeffrey will teach you how to open primary Chi Chakras, Pranic Energy Centers, all organ function Chakras and the central channel of the body.

We contribute these finding to Phoenix Vibrational Healing™ Fred Payne

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