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Toxic Love

Toxic Love

 How to tell if you are in a toxic relationship


A lot of people are stuck in a toxic love relationship. This type of relationship can be tiring and yet addictive at the same time. But, what is toxic love and how does that impact my life?

This article is based on a video our founder, Jeffrey Wilson, recorded earlier - scroll down to the bottom if you prefer to watch!

Understanding what Toxic Love Is

Toxic love is most present as it accumulates in an abusive relationship with somebody who has professed their love for you. This type of love is distorted and will be found to present itself and impact the localized areas of the body.

A toxic love relationship can occur beyond a romantic one and even exist in the parent-to-child relationship dynamic. Early in our lives, most people have experienced a relationship, which has included some toxic love.

Toxic love can also rear its head later in your life. It can be experienced with partners, intimate partners, and spouses. Whatever the configuration is, toxic love can exist when you're in an intimate relationship.


The Root Cause of Toxic Love

A relationship is supposed to fill your cup with the right ingredients like love, nurture, and unconditional care. However, in a toxic love relationship, the other person is abusive and manipulative towards you.

The toxic type of love is distorted and will be found in localized areas of the body. How? There may be billions of radionic units of this toxic love in the body-mind-feel complex where it'll be stored in the body.

When toxic love exists, it can set the stage for congestion and conflict in areas where it resides in the body. This is the result of conflict between love versus hate and an abusive relationship in your life. 

Understanding this may be one of the most important discoveries regarding abuse victims, particularly childhood abuse.

This toxic love can also be coupled with grief or other emotions. 

If coupled with grief, it may accumulate in the lungs and respiratory system. The combination of toxic love and other feelings tends to cause that area of the body to hold onto other emotions.

Dealing with toxic love causes not only physical problems for you but can also create an accumulation of other kinds of toxic emotions in the field, which in turn causes other additional physical problems for you. 

A connection is an attractive field and so we attract negative abuse and physical problems when we’re in a toxic relationship.


Being an Abuser and Being in an Abusive Relationship

Emotions like grief, will not release from the lungs and respiratory system. The lungs and respiratory impact will most often be caused by the toxic love of an abusive individual, not the individual experiencing it.

Another interesting find is how toxic love is experienced by those we call empaths or sensitives. These individuals not only have toxic love that was created from the relationship or relationships that they've been in, but they also have toxic love for others.

Clearing the toxic love of others is a very specific focus. 

Your empath or sensitivity is used to taking on other people's emotions and trying to help other people out. This is because that's who they are by nature. They're trying to be of service and they’re trying to help others.

People prone to having toxic love will take on the other person’s toxic love and absorb it into their mind-body-feel field. This pattern just keeps adding to the burden that's in their field.

This toxic love will also create a state of conflict in the affected area or system of the body and disguise interference, localized possession, and other processes in the areas that we're talking about.

The conflicting energies of anger or abuse cause the areas to harbor and lock in interference in the form of love and hate relationships. 

This interference is often in the heart and circulatory system of the body and may therefore distort the love of the person themselves and impact their self-esteem negatively.

If you find yourself not loving yourself, not caring for yourself, not putting yourself first, it could be because of this confusion, that's going on. A confusion that is being caused by toxic love. 

This may be a major link to the fact that many of those that have been abused, become abusers themselves.

The people that come to us have such large hearts and such a large amount of consciousness, and they know something's off. Something's askew and they feel drawn to stop it before they become an abuser. 


The Effect of Toxic Love on your Heart Chakra

Through the Soul Warrior Network, we have seen a few people who have done just that. They've repeated the patterns that are being pushed upon them as a child or as children.

Their own concept of love has become distorted because of this toxic love. The combination of toxic love and the other emotion will appear to cancel one another out vibrationally. However, from this canceled wave pattern may be generated a scalar wave that is being broadcast out with the heart waveform.

You are always coming out of your heart chakra. It's a scalar wave of energy and this is the wave we are supposed to manifest. This is the way we attract things to us. Coming out of this heart chakra, you want to hit the universe with your desire.

Whatever that may be, whether it's a relationship or money or abundance, whatever you desire - you need peace, love, and creativity to manifest this.  

So, you are broadcasting that to the universe, and it comes out of the heart chakra. You may find that what comes out of that heart chakra could be mixed in with toxic love and whatever other emotions are in there, and so that's also bouncing back to you.


Whatever you Throw into the Universe, the Same Thing will come Back to You

The way we're supposed to manifest is that you send out a wave of energy from the heart chakra and it hits the universe. The universe responds in kind and so you charge that wave with and fill in the blank with whatever it is you desire. 

But when you fill in the blank and you're sending out this waveform, but it also has toxic love embedded in it, you also get that back. The universe doesn't judge, it's responding to what you send out. If your field has got toxic love, then you're sending it out to the universe.

The universe unwittingly sends it right back and multiplies it. 

Therefore, you can get into situations where you work for a horrible boss in your job and so you go and get another job. At your job, you find that your new boss is also horrible. 

Or you switch relationships and just end up swapping out one negative relationship with another.

Whenever you see something repeating in your life, you can't break the cycle and the same thing keeps coming back repeatedly. It is because that's what you're putting out to the universe.


How to Break the Cycle?

The way to stop this process is to clear the toxic love and the other emotions that are trapped. By doing this, you get the physical benefit of it because now you are putting a pure wave of scale or energy that only embeds love, and that is important.

This may be a wave of sympathetic residents that will attract others that are emitting the same wave. 

It can also be a distorted wave pattern that may repel others for some seemingly unknown reason which may cause the person to be responded to by others at unconscious levels and in negative ways.

An example of this is when you go to check into a hotel and the person behind the counter always treats you poorly or doesn't treat you with kindness. 

That's because of what you are emitting from the inside, when you interact with other people, they're also picking up on that scaler wave and what's embedded in that. Basically, they're responding to you in kind.

Another example is when you go to a place, and you show a positive vibe to other people. Did you find that you received the same positive vibe as well? When you present yourself by being nice and respectful, the people around you will repay you with the same values.

So, by living like this, you are creating that scaler wave coming out of your heart chakra and its intention is pure. If you're sending out toxic love, you are going to get it back, and perhaps even in a larger wave. This is how we attract people, things, places, and events into our life.


You are a sovereign being

You are a sovereign being and you have the absolute power to control the outcome of your life. However, when toxic love is in the way, your ability to control that outcome is seriously affected in ways you don't even understand most of the time.

Most of us have experienced and have some level of toxic love. Unfortunately, in the society, we exist in and the families that we were born into, many of us have not been nurtured the way we need to be nurtured. 

Many of us didn't receive love the way we really needed to be loved at the time.

We can improve and shift this by clearing toxic love. You can clear the toxic love and then do self-parenting, self-love, and self-care. 

Once you shift it, your ability to manifest will go off the charts. You can multiply your ability to manifest overnight when toxic love is out of the field, and it's no longer part of this scaler wave.


Watching Out for the Signs

It's hard to recognize it when you're in the middle of what you're feeling and to understand what some of the emotional triggers could be.

Look out for these signs indicating that you are trapped in a toxic relationship:

  • If you find yourself tired when you're with a person
  • If it's a constant state of drama and trauma and you know there's abuse on one end
  • Where boundaries are also crossed if you don't answer someone right away

One of the biggest things to check for when you are in a toxic relationship is your physical health. 

This is because toxic love mixes with other emotions. Often, guilt tends to lodge in the lungs and then you get toxic love layered on top of that and so you can never process the guilt. You can never release the guilt because the toxic love is holding it in there.


Toxic Love is Absolute Poison

Toxic love is an absolute poison to us because we're created and based on love. At our core, we are made of love and our natural state is to be happy, healthy, joyful, fearless, loving, and alive. 

That's who we are, but when toxic love enters the mix it goes in and locks stuff down until you physically suffer.

Toxic love will always manifest physically. Like with energy, we can clear it in the field. We can do all this, but eventually, if our souls experience toxic love, it will manifest physically as an illness, disease, lethargy, and a feeling of wanting to give up on life.

You should be healthy and vibrant until you leave this world. 

Society and media have given us this idea that as we age, we should be decrepit and have less of a life and have less of everything including physical vitality. 

This is a lie to our creation. 

You're supposed to come into this world and enjoy it from the beginning to the end.

Watch the video our founder, Jeffrey Wilson, recorded on this topic here!

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