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What To Expect from Sessions

What to Expect from and How to Prepare for a Vibrational Healing Session

A Vibrational Healing Session can be pretty intense, and it's important to know what to expect - so you can process the clearing more smoothly. 

Whether you attend weekly clearings as a member of the Soul Warrior Network or you have a chance to participate in a clearing elsewhere, these are essential effects you need to know about. 

What to expect when you sign up for a group session

Many clients notice a shift begins as soon as they schedule their first Vibrational Healing session, whether a private appointment or a Soul Warrior Network group clearing.

This occurs for two reasons:

  • When you schedule your and make the payment, your commitment to health, healing, and peace begins to link into a field of consciousness that Jeffrey creates around you.
  • Secondly, your contract with Spirit begins in the healing in accordance with Cosmic Law, and the process starts instantaneously.

Some clients sense that clearing has begun once their appointment has been confirmed. Hundreds of people have already mentioned that this happened to them before the first Vibrational Healing session. We make a date with Spirit, and the healing begins.


How to Prepare for a Clearing Session

  • Find a space in your home where you have privacy and peace.

  • Please prepare a half-gallon or more of pure water in a glass, as you will be drinking this during the appointment. You may also have a snack during the session, as this helps keep you grounded and in your body.

  • You will need to sit upright in a comfortable chair with uncrossed legs and arms and your feet flat on the floor.

  • Please turn off all televisions and music.

The vibrational frequencies which you will be receiving will counter-wave the discordant energy that is being cleared from your energy field and your breath is required in order to clear it from your energy field.

  • Deep breaths In through the nose and out of the mouth.  Slow and easy.

Your energy field extends at least 30 feet in all directions from your physical body, and you are going to breathe throughout all of it, so you will need to have this intention as you do your breathing.

You will need to use a clearing breath: In through the nose and out through the mouth.

No wimpy breathing here - you will need to take deep inhales (don’t hold it in, but turn it directly around and exhale fully). This breathing pattern will be continued for about a minute or more. Please be sure to take frequent drinks of your water.

If you’re attending a group clearing session (like with the Soul Warrior Network), the empowerment and clearing procedures accomplished in a group clearing can enhance a person’s healing objectives at any level, be it physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, or psychological. 

Energetically, the blockages in the subtle anatomy and faculties of the body that are cleared in a group session can be a major contributor to any complaint or imbalance. The primary aim of the clearing is to optimally benefit everyone attending by clearing a large number of potential imbalances.


Feeling Light-Headed?

You may experience becoming lighter as more pure unadulterated cosmic “God-Light” energy is flooding your energy field, as a result of the removal of blockages. At points during the session, you may even feel areas of the body, especially the extremities, tingling.

This is a result of the massive amount of increase in Prana, Chi, and vital life force now available to and able to course through your body and field complex.

The tingling feeling will subside within hours or maybe with you for several days, depending upon how severe the blockages had been.

As you adjust to this new, higher baseline of vibrational energy, you notice a shift in your ability to receive, integrate and utilize massive amounts of light!

These are natural responses to the huge increase of the Creator’s light and energy that is now available to you.


The Process of Clearing the Field

The phenomenon of "Clearing the Field" is well known to most energetic healers. It is a process that may continue for as long as you choose to foster your growth, personal healing, and conscious evolution. It is the conscious ongoing activity of addressing areas of your life where you seek improvement and transformation.


First Stage: Processing

As energetic healing and clearing techniques are accomplished, you enter a state of processing.

This processing takes myriad forms in its manifestation but generally, it is a process of shifting your personal reality and the way that you perceive your life, the world, your paradigms of reality, truth, beliefs, and your conscious participation with your environment and the people in your life.

It is an evolutionary path of choosing to expand your states of awareness on multidimensional levels and to address your blockages, issues, and the myriad of things that are holding you back from a more balanced, enlightened state of awareness. It is first the choice and the first step of conscious evolution.


Second Stage: Healing

Secondly, clearing begins the healing process as you shift your perception of reality as the blockages to experiencing reality are removed. You may experience processing on all dimensions and levels of the human psyche and anatomy.

For instance, as we address and clear the emotional traumas that we have experienced in our past, a new process may become visible; then we can work through new conscious and subjective levels.

We may initially become extremely sensitive as the charge on emotional issues is being released from the body and energy field complex. We may even reconnect to the original pain, both emotionally and even in the physical body where it had become embedded in our etheric body.

When that happens, the trauma may cause constriction at the cellular level of our body. We may even feel the trauma at a level that we blocked at the initial occurrence of the event and we may now be able to shed the tears that we were unable to express at the original event.

The shedding of these long-withheld tears may provide us with the emotional release that gives us the relief we have been seeking for years or decades.


Stage 3: Lightening

After this process, there appears a “lightening” of our body and demeanor as this process continues. It feels as though something has been lifted from us, we can breathe easier, there seems to be less restriction at many levels of our being. We soon find that at some level we feel freer.

Our reactions to similar circumstances no longer trigger the same negative emotional responses that we remember. We feel more capable of responding to occurrences and circumstances in our life with an enhanced level of calm and acuity, choosing how to respond instead of having to react from some inner prompting. The “Knee-Jerk” reaction seems to be gone.


Trusting the Process

Notice that during this process some unresolved pain may have reappeared so that you can review it and address it at a cognitive or even subconscious level. You may even experience a crying jag for which you have no explanation.

This is all part of your process. As you experience this over time you will learn to trust the process and see that it is the source of great healing for you.


Healing - the path to shifts in consciousness

Have you ever encountered a person or an event in your life that has caused you to re-assess your opinions about the nature of life and living or the nature of what you perceive as “reality”?

Look back into your life experiences and you will find some pivotal encounters that have caused you to perceive yourself, the world around you, or other people in an entirely different way. Some event happens, or an encounter with an individual, or the presentation of a new theory which then radically alters our perceptions.

We then can reference back to our “old self” and recognize that we aren’t the same person that we were before our epiphany.

In fact, this is a great question to ask ourselves on a regular basis; am I the same person that I was 3 months ago?

The recognition that we might not be the same person is an indication of a shift or a growth of our consciousness. 

As our blocks are removed and as we are reconnected to Source energy, we awaken to a transformed Self and perceive ourselves, the world around us, and our relationship with it through new eyes.

You are an amazingly powerful and magnanimous being. Having been created by the Creator of All That Is, you have been endowed with Co-Creative abilities that are powerful beyond belief; and that’s the problem. Our inaccurate or miscreated belief structures are restricting our ability to believe in and manifest these powerful latent abilities. Your energy field is extending 30 feet in all directions around your physical body and the extent of your influence is unlimited by distance, time, or space. With knowledge, training, and shifts in your paradigms of reality, you can have complete and personal control and influence over all the dimensions of matter and existence, and this is the result of creation and dis-creation on those other subtle dimensions of matter and reality. As Jesus said, “These, and even greater things, ye shall do”. This is a good attitude to have, even before you begin walking on water.


Accelerated evolutionary growth curve

Many practices quiet introspections and the monitoring their internal dialog to see what’s going on inside.

They have found that spirit works in mysterious ways and presents them with information, answers, and promptings on a frequent basis.

They have an inherent fascination with the mysteries of life and existence.

Their paradigms of reality are constantly shifting as they embrace new information and experiences.

They have begun to realize that other people that they meet remind them of a reflection of some aspect of their own personality, sometimes deeply buried and ‘mirroring’ it back to them through their behavior and words.

They look at these synchronicities as a gift from Spirit and an opportunity for growth.

This latter approach fosters enlightened thinking and accelerated states of consciousness and is a wise path to follow during and after transformational healing processes.


What to Expect After a Vibrational Healing Session

Please stay at home and have a restful evening and night after each session.

  1. Experiencing Fatigue after a Clearing

By the end of a clearing, you may feel quite drained. It takes energy to shift energy and you will be using some of your physical energy to make this shift.

Your body will also be going into natural detoxification and for a few days, you may feel a diminished energy level as many toxins are being expelled from your body. Please have as much ease and rest the day after your sessions.

Keep this in mind: you wouldn’t have surgery and get up the next day and act as if nothing had happened, would you? A Vibrational Healing session is “etheric surgery”. Every system of your body will be re-adjusting to this new vibrational state over the next few days and subtle effects may continue for as long as a couple of weeks. Please respect this healing process accordingly.

  1. Why do you need to Drink a Lot of Water after a Vibrational Healing Session?

You will find it helpful to drink, what you might consider, massive amounts of pure water for about 2 weeks after the appointment. And continue to drink a substantial amount from that point on.

The fact is that we are almost all chronically dehydrated; therefore, our bodies are holding onto all of the precious fluid that they can.

Unfortunately, many of those fluids are holding many of the toxins that we are wishing to eliminate. Water is needed to flush the toxins out of the body and to abate the physiology of chronic dehydration.

It’s only when you get enough water that the body responds by letting go of all that stagnant and toxic fluid.

You might check out the book: “Your Body’s Many Cries for water” by F. Batmanghelidj, M.D...

You will probably need about one gallon of water a day for at least 2 weeks following the appointment.

  1. Detoxification

You will experience a detoxification process as a result of the appointment.

The intensity is dependent on numerous variables. You may experience some or none of the following symptoms--each person has his or her unique personality, issues, physical body, and the ability to adapt to healing energy.

I am listing a fairly complete set of potential symptoms- know that you will not experience most of them. The purpose of listing all of these is so that you will not feel concerned if they manifest in you. As a general rule, those who have fewer illness and disease states in their body before the appointment, and are in good physical condition and a trim physical stature will experience less or none of these symptoms. Most of these potential symptoms will automatically lessen or disappear 3 or 4 days after the clearing and the symptoms also lessen and disappear as days go by.  Most symptoms will be negligible by the end of 2 weeks.


Symptoms of physical detoxification:

  • Physical fatigue and shortness of breath
  • Dull throbbing headache-seems to get better after eating
  • Dizziness or lack of mental clarity/ability to concentrate and focus
  • Spontaneous onset of pain in any area of the body, potentially stabbing in nature-usually subsides in a few minutes, especially if you ‘breathe into it’
  • Tingling feelings in any area of the body, especially the extremities
  • Flu-like symptoms-sore skin, sore joints, general aches
  • Nausea and over-acidity
  • General ‘spaciness’-feelings of groundlessness
  • Diarrhea or loose bowel movements with a potentially noxious odor
  • Bad or unusual odor to sweat, feces, or urine
  • Women-possible vaginal discharge or onset of menses
  • Skin breakouts-rashes 

Symptoms of Emotional Detoxification


  • Emotional over-sensitivity compared to what is normal for you
  • Spontaneous anger for no apparent reason
  • Shortness of breath is resolved by conscious breathing
  • Extreme anger or emotional upheaval in response to a triggering event or altercation with others
  • A mental re-hashing or recall of old emotional hurts, pain, and loss with or without an emotional reaction
  • Processing events from your past whether awake or asleep; your dreams may be vivid
  • Acute sensitivity to human injustice and a greater need for respect.


Things to Avoid after a Clearing

Avoid physical effort

As explained above, take plenty of rest after a vibrational healing session. Your body and mind will thank you for it. 

Avoid lymphatic drainage

Please avoid any lymphatic drainage work until 3 weeks after our session.

Avoid the Use of Dangerous Machinery

The day after your session, please either avoid the use of dangerous machinery or instruments or find a way to become extremely vigilant and aware.

Also please use great caution and vigilance while driving an automobile.


Things to Do After a Clearing

Above all, nurture yourself by creating a peaceful environment at home and avoiding unnecessary obligations and engagements.

Some clients enjoy a full body massage a few days later; massage can help move both energy and toxins.

Taking a Detoxifying Bath

You might find it helpful to take a detoxifying bath to help pull the toxins out of the body.

There are many formulations available in health food stores that promote detoxification and most of these contain organic salt.

An inexpensive alternative is a cup each of sea salt and baking soda in a good warm tub for at least 20 minutes. Sea salt is inexpensive and available in bulk at health food stores. It is also more effective than table salt because it carries a higher vibration.

The Importance of Love and Laughter

Be sure to do the things you enjoy; the things that “lighten your heart” including laughter, and making love among other options so that you balance your life with a complimentary polarity to healing.

Checking in with yourself

As the detoxification proceeds, there is a gradual or even sudden increase in your energy. This manifests as increased physical energy and stamina.

Those who are sensitive to subtle energies and the clarity of their own energy field will often recognize an increase in energy available on those levels as well.

Because of this, please ‘check in’ with yourself regularly and assess your new levels of energy, consciousness, and peace. As you ‘check-in’ the following list of questions may prove useful:

  • Do I feel more energetic than before my appointment?
  • Have any physical pains disappeared or subsided?
  • What improvement do I notice in a previous disease state or condition?
  • Am I more emotionally relaxed and in balance?
  • Am I less easily triggered by emotional situations?
  • Do I have an increased sense of well-being?
  • Do I feel more in control of my life and its circumstances?
  • Do I have a greater sense of self-empowerment?
  • Do I feel new levels of energy running through my body?
  • Is my communication coming from the heart?
  • Have my closest relatives and friends altered their behaviors towards me?
  • Have friends or family told me that I seem more composed, relaxed, attractive, or younger?
  • Have I lost any unwanted weight?
  • Does my day-to-day life seem smoother?
  • Have I noticed more new opportunities coming my way?
  • Do people seem to be relating to me in a more positive and enthusiastic manner?



After your vibrational healing session, you are not the same person you were and many things are shifting! Notice the growth and transformation that occurs after each session.

It’s also essential to give yourself credit for all the healing that has manifested as a result of your seeking it and intending that it can happen.

Also, please acknowledge yourself for the courage to seek and accept change in your life! You deserve this betterment-we all do, and it’s available to all those who take the initiative to pursue it and ask Spirit to deliver it into their lives.

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