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When Anger Becomes a Powerful Entity Magnet


We all know how powerful anger can be, as most of us have seen its effects firsthand in our own lives. This emotion is extremely powerful and can have negative effects on our lives when we allow it to have more power than it should.

When we aren’t aware that we are letting anger take control, it’s possible for anger to accumulate to the point that it becomes an entity magnet.

Firstly, what is an entity and how is it created? Secondly, how are we subconsciously affected by our childhood experiences? Thirdly, how can anger become a form of sorcery – affecting our bodies and minds? Lastly, do we have the power to affect real change in our lives and remove anger as an entity magnet?   

Watch and listen to Jeffrey Wilson as he discusses entities, and how anger can affect our bodies and our minds. Or, if you prefer, skip the video to read all about it below!


What is an entity, and how is it created?

Before we delve into anger and how it can take over our lives, we first need to understand our roles as creators. 

Whether you know it or not, we are all creators, and we create all the time, sometimes unknowingly. We are more powerful than we realize, but the downside to this is that we sometimes create things that are negative to our existence.

The formula for creation is as follows: 

Energy + Attention = Creation.

If you give anything in your life enough energy and attention, you can create it. By nurturing it with attention and energy, it can sometimes become a life force of its own. 

Once we are at this stage, it has a spirit and its own life force and is therefore known as its own entity.


How are we affected by our childhood experiences?

A powerful example of the effects energy and attention have on us is adverse childhood experiences or anger that’s been stored over a long period of time.

What happens in these cases is that a person will unconsciously revisit that experience many times over until it eventually gets to the point that the memory of the experience is so strong that it cannot be diminished. This illustrates how continued energy and attention can give an experience its own life force.


When anger becomes a form of sorcery within you

Oftentimes there is one specific type of entity that is seen in people's fields, and this is called evoked living sorcery. In other words, a living being of sorcery to which you give energy.

This entity lives inside a person within the body-mind-feel complex, and therefore lives in the life of the affected individual. Because they are physically etheric, they cannot be touched or reached.


How sorcery can affect your body and mind

We’re aware that everybody has a physical body, but we also have an etheric body. Your etheric body is not a physical being you can touch but it still possesses power in your field.

It contains multiple influences and can run its own processes, and therefore foster life-forces. In essence, this means an individual can be hosting a sorcerer within their body-mind-feel complex that attacks their life. 

If powerful enough, they may no longer be connected to or managed by their original creators, so this can be your own creation or the creation of somebody else that's been thrown into your field.

These life forces will continue to drain what they can from an individual, ultimately leaving less energy for that person to create. These entities also have incredible power over the mind as they learn the individuals well enough to know their fears, vulnerabilities, and trigger points. They take pleasure in upsetting or triggering a negative reaction. 

Your spiritual being is connected directly to the creator, so in theory, your intuition should be one hundred percent accurate. 

But the entities allowed into the body-mind-feel complex will make decision-making difficult, as they will override your intuition by harnessing negative thought processes so that instead of listening to their intuition, the individual will hear only what they believe they can’t do and ultimately set themselves up for failure.

Bear in mind that these trapped negative emotions need to be cleared, or they continually resurface in the form of negative thoughts.


Removing anger from your life to change your world

Many people are sacrificing the life they should be living because they have been impacted by events and were unable to properly process them. If left uncleared, this energy can destroy your life. 

The solution is to make you feel as clean and clear as possible, so that all the life force you possess is available to you, and you can create your own reality. The world will only be changed through consciousness, and it starts with each individual. We need to start with the basics of clearing, to make room for creation.

We must all start with ourselves before seeking to change the rest of the world.

That is why the Institute for Soul Evolution is dedicated to creating a team of Soul Warriors. You can also become one, by signing up for weekly clearings. After each weekly clearing, we host a Q&A session. This is when we will dive deep into how these clearings help you access your consciousness, making sure that you live up to your full potential. 

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