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The Soul Level Healing Network

Invitation Only

Prerequisite: Must have completed Ignite Your Soul or have had Private Sessions with Jeffrey Wilson.


We are thrilled to announce the Soul Level Healing Network and Soul Level Healing Network Platinum. These are exclusive memberships available for clients of Jeffrey Wilson. That greater purpose if the Institute for Soul Evolution is to support spiritually sensitive souls, like you, along their journey toward their natural state of being happy, healthy, joyful, fearless, loving and alive. It is from this state of being we can each live a life we truly love living.

The Soul Level Healing Network includes:

  • Daily remote clearings performed by Jeffrey Wilson, founder of Quantum Vibrational Healing. Each clearing is a powerful daily energetic shower to wash away undesirable energies so you can move smoothly through your day.  (Value $31,000)

  • A digital journal with daily journal prompts to help you reflect on your healing journey and really notice your progress. (Bonus)

  • Access to the member’s only Soul Level Healing Community where you can connect with other like-minded souls traveling this path. (Value $400)


The Soul Level Healing Network Platinum


contains everything in the basic membership PLUS several extremely important extras.

  • Jeffrey will conduct a live online group clearing each month for Platinum members only. During these sessions, Jeffrey will read the group and perform clearings specific to the needs of the members of the group. (Value $18,200)
  • As a Platinum member, you also receive monthly meditations. (Value $5,400)

Your Exclusive Invitation

The Soul Level Healing Network and Soul Level Healing Network Platinum are exclusively for clients of Jeffrey Wilson. If you are a client of Mr. Wilson, you are invited to enroll in the Soul Level Healing Network or Soul Level Healing Network Platinum.

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