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The Ignite Series

Your 6-part online program that moves you from depression, anxiety, and PTSD to igniting your ability to thrive and live in freedom and joy.


Jeffrey Wilson Talks About  the Ignite  Series

What is stopping you from living a life that is Happy, Healthy, Joyful, Fearless, Loving, and Alive?

So many people walk around with old emotional wounds and negative thought-forms.  This type of dysfunction will stop you from moving forward in life and achieving your true potential.

Vibrational healing has helped thousands to heal those old emotions that have been stopping us from moving in the direction of our dreams with ease and joy.

Join Jeffrey in this 8-week course where he heals the emotional energy that will move you from struggle to your happiness.  This is a type of happiness that ignites your joy and moves you into manifesting Being Happy, Healthy, Joyful Fearless, Loving, and Alive every day.


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Introducing: The Ignite Series

A 6-part Online Program led by Jeffrey Wilson


You are a limitless eternal being, put on this earth for a reason. Re-discover your true purpose so you can move forward with ease and joy.


The clearings help you reset your mind to its natural and intended state. 


Anxiety, PTSD, depression and other malfunctions are caused by blockages. The program helps you remove those blockages so you can finally breathe again.

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Your Guide: Jeffrey Wilson

Tell people your "why".

Jeffrey Wilson has been working in the field of vibrational healing for over 12 years. He has had success with over ten thousand clients. The protocols he developed has helped his clients to create from their soul and not just undergo the effects of the world.

After years of working with clients one on one and in workshops, it’s now time to reach more people and create a true movement of “soul warriors” to expand the consciousness of this planet.

Jeff facilitates healing for sensitive souls like you along your journey toward your natural state of being fully happy, healthy, joyful, fearless, loving, and alive. It is from this state of being that we can each live a life we truly love living. 

What you get in the "Ignite Series"

6 whole courses and 12 Group Sessions With Jeffrey Wilson!!
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Ignite Your Soul Individual  Series

Ignite Your Soul

This is where it all begins. You receive two rounds of energy work to restore your Body, Mind, Field complex and get vital life force energy flowing so you can feel like yourself again.

$500 Check Out

Ignite Your Happiness

This program focuses on removing the energetic root causes of depression, anxiety, PTSD, and suicide. It is a massive healing to and resetting of your mental health.

$600 Check Out

Ignite Your Purpose

This program focuses on removing the energetic blocks and barriers that are stopping you from discovering your purpose on Earth. You came here to make a difference, and this restores your ability to move forward.

$700 Checkout

Ignite Your Transformation

This program removes blocks and barriers to your level of CONSCIOUSNESS. As a result, your view of reality shifts to a higher level.

$950 Checkout

Ignite Your one Wild and Precious Life

This program removes blocks and barriers to your SOVEREIGNTY (the power you have to control the outcome of your life). You become comfortable in your own skin like you were as a child.

$800 Checkout

Ignite Your Wealth

This program removes blocks and barriers to your AGENCY (the feeling of control over actions and consequences) by focusing on Mind Energy. A properly functioning Mind is how we bring things into reality, which means you can create again.  

750 Checkout

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and get the whole Ignite Series for only $3870.00 Regularly $4300.00 

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