It's Time to Ignite Your Soul

No Philosophy. No Dogma. Just A Return To Your Personal Power.

You Won't Want To Miss Out On This Exclusive Offer To HEAL YOURSELF & Claim A Life That Feels Right To You!

Ignite Your Soul Overview

Jeffrey Wilson, MetaPhysician, shares his story and relationship with irrational medicine and provides you with the healing infrastructure of Going Beyond Hope.

Freedom From Irrational Medicine Is In Your Control

For 23 years, MetaPhysician, Jeffrey Wilson of Quantum Vibrational Healing Institute, took 5 pharmaceutical anti-depressant, anti-anxiety, anti-seizure drugs (medication) to quote "cure" him of depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder syndrome, and PTSD. His life changed forever when he couldn't refill his prescriptions and had to take healing himself into his own hands.


You CAN heal yourself just as Jeffrey did. You can permanently REMOVE depression, anxiety, and PTSD from your life.


Have You Been Feeling Like You Are Tired Of Just Coping?
  • You don't feel safe in the world.
  • There is a consistent theme of inadequacy in everything you do.
  • Are you tired of being angry at life? Stuffing down negative emotions?
  • You can't seem to get rid of the inner chaos. Reliving deep, old hurts that makes you tired of living.
  • You long to be able to process emotions in a healthy, productive way.
  • Do you believe the world would be better off without you?
  • You can't seem to trust the flow and the process of life.
  • Does it feel like you have an obsession with failure?
  • Do you actually want to enjoy life for once?


Take a 7-week journey with Jeffrey Wilson, the Quantum Vibrational Healing Institute's Chief MetaPhysician as he facilitates your ability to heal yourself.  Using quantum codes and protocols you will receive 7 weeks' worth of actual scientifically proven energetic clearings!

These clearings remove ALL breaks from your central channel, reconnects you to the Creator of All That Is, and restores your personal authority over your life. 

I'm Ready To Own My Right To Live!

 7 Week Session Order of Priority

By week 7 you have the capacity to regain your personal Sovereignty.

Week 1

Repair & Reassemble Your Shattered Field. Downloading The Creator Energy Back Into Your Field.

Week 2

Remove Energetic Components That Feed & Maintain Depression, Anxiety and PTSD.             

Week 3

Remove The Root Cause Of Anxiety.            


Week 4

Eradicate PTSD & Other Traumas.

Week 5

Repair Your Brain.

Week 6

Reset The Limbic System

Week 7

Embody the final piece of your quantum vibrational healing by returning 100% to your personal sovereignty and installing your future formula.

Contact Information:
[email protected]

Healing Investment $600 YOU WILL

  • Be Able To Succeed At Life On Your Own Terms. 
  • Experience Oneness With The Creator.
  • Be Centered, Calm, and Balanced 
  • See Yourself As Beautiful, Loveable & Appreciated.
  • Accept Responsibility Only For Yourself & Rejoice In It.
  • Feel Safe & Secure On All Levels.
  • Lovingly Care For Yourself With Ease.
  • Lovingly Release Others To Their Own Life Lessons.
  • FINALLY, Let Go Of The Past & Enjoy Being You.