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Jeffrey Wilson

Facilitator of Consciousness
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Jeffrey practices a healing modality based on new discoveries regarding the body’s subtle energies known as Vibrational Healing. This modality has been proven successful in thousands of clinical cases and applies to every physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual issue. It works by eliminating the underlying cause of the symptoms to remove energetic blockages in the body/mind/energy field complex.

Hi, I'm Jeffrey Wilson. With 12 years and 11,000 sessions of experience, I have been able to clearly identify and clear the blocks that prevent Lightworkers from fully functioning in a world that was not designed for them. 

I have helped thousands of lightworkers in over 12 countries experience miraculous transformations in their financial lives, relationships, emotional well-being, careers, physical health, spiritual lives, purpose alignment, and more.

Before becoming a spiritual teacher, my matrix job was as an expert Information Technology consultant for some of the world's largest corporations, which led me to an incredible realization…

Just like computers that access massive amounts of data & information via the internet, we humans can access the energy of the Universe anywhere at any time with no limits.

Using this information, I've developed a system of energy medicine that can free humanity by restoring an individual's level of consciousness, sovereignty, divinity, dignity, creativity, genius, and power.

It’s my passion to help Lightworkers unleash their full potential and live a life filled with purpose, passion, and joy. So join me on this journey towards a more enlightened world.

"Healers are spiritual warriors who have found the courage to defeat the darkness of their souls.


Awakening and rising from the depths of their deepest fears like a phoenix rising from the ashes.


Reborn with a wisdom and strength that creates a light that shines bright enough to help encourage, and inspire others out of their own darkness."
~Melanie Koulouris