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"After all you don't take shower once and consider yourself clean for a lifetime." ~Jeffrey Wilson




Due to the increased demand for frequent energy work from Jeffrey, he decided to create a daily energy clearing subscription. This process has made it much more convenient for him and you! A project that began as a one-year experiment has turned into a huge ongoing success!

Here's how it works

1) Each day, Jeffrey does an energy clearing on you and all family members in your house, including pets, just as he would if you were sitting in his class. In class Jeffrey does an energy clearing using his 80-item checklist. He measures the energy of the class before and after the energy clearing and it increases significantly. He does exactly the same thing for those who are signed up for his daily clearing. 

2) You will not receive any direct communication with Jeffrey or receive an email of what he did or found. He will do it each day and you will feel the results. 

3) Once a month in the newsletter we will include updates on the process and tips on how to create a better world.

4) Regular and powerful energy work is the best way to neutralize fear, shame and doubt and replace it with peace, love prosperity and increase in your life. But energy work is like a bath, it doesn’t last forever. Jeffrey can clean up anything that has been invented, but it might have to be repeated. It is important to do this work continually over time so that you build a good solid energetic foundation at your home or business. The cleaner your energy the more you have to work with and the greater your ability to create a new and better world for you and your family.

5) You can use the MASTER FOCUS ENERGY program stand alone or in conjunction with the Soul Warrior Network and/or the one-one personal sessions. Each product is addressing different areas of need and will not conflict with but rather enhance each other.

5) This is the best way to create your future the way you want it rather than being at the influence of turmoil and chaos. It will inspire you to imagine the seemingly impossible, to harness the power of the mind, and to open yourselves to a world of endless possibilities.
It is a $49 monthly fee to be on this list.  


Here are just some of the results that current participants have seen:

Daily Energetic Protection

of your energy, strength, and balance.

Enforce Your Energy Field

to keep inappropriate people and situations away from you.

Depression & Anxiety

Assist with depression, anxiety, and negative self-talk.


Provide a much more stable and grounded present moment.

Navigate Chaos

Increase your ability to Navigate the chaos and uncertainty.

Healthy Mind and Body

Adjust your belief system so that you can produce and maintain a healthy mind and body, prosperity, and freedom.

Are you ready to go from surviving to thriving?


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