The Soul Evolution Community Subscription is a weekly live call with Jeffrey Wilson, where he will facilitate live group clearings for the first four weeks of each month.  Every month we cover one major subject.

For just $197.00 a month. Valued at $880.00 for 4 single session tuneup.  A savings of $684.00 a month.


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 Healing Network

(For existing clients only)

The purpose of this group is to support highly sensitive souls, like you, along their journey toward their natural state.


Daily remote clearings performed by Jeffrey Wilson. 

$197.00 a month

Get two months FREE when you sign up for a year regular price is $2364.00 Now just $1970.00 for your yearly membership.


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Apprentice Program 2022

Quantum Vibrational Healing is a comprehensive course of study in the Art of Vibrational Healing that addresses all aspects of disharmony in the human energy field and consciousness. This includes the mental, emotional, spiritual, psychological, and even physical levels of being.

QVH utilizes Sacred Geometry, Sacred Healing Codes and Symbols, and Vibrationally Encoded Language of Light to accomplish healing at the causative level. This new clearing technology transmutes (or dissolves) discordant energetic blockages and solidified etheric substances to facilitate healing.

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Private Session Packages


1) New Client Package 

3 sessions for 


2) Analysis and Clearing Package

Prerequisite: You have completed New Client Package or Ignite Your Soul Program.


3) Single Session Tune-Up

Prerequisite: You have completed New Client Package or Ignite Your Soul Program.


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Appointment Instructions & Systems of Spiritual Awakening (Processing)

How to prepare for all appointments.  

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