That greater purpose is to support highly sensitive souls, like you, along their journey toward their natural state.
  • Daily remote clearings performed by Jeffrey Wilson. (Value $15,600)
  • A digital journal with daily journal prompts. (Bonus)
  • Access to the member’s only Soul Level Healing Community. (Value $400)

$197 a Month or

$1497.00 for a YEAR Membership.

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Contains everything in the basic membership PLUS several extremely important extras.
  • Jeffrey will conduct 1 live online group clearings each month for Platinum members only.(Value $10,800)
  • As a Platinum member, you also receive monthly meditations and bonuses throughout the year such as discounts on new programs. (Value $3,400)

$3497.00 Yearly Membership

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Living from Passion


Take a 7-week journey with Jeffrey Wilson, the Quantum Vibrational Healing Institute's Chief MetaPhysician as he facilitates your ability to heal yourself.  Using quantum codes and protocols you will receive 7 weeks' worth of actual scientifically proven energetic clearings!

These clearings remove ALL breaks from your central channel, reconnects you to the Creator of All That Is, and restores your personal authority over your life. 

Healing Investment is $600

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Program 2021

Quantum Vibrational Healing is a comprehensive course of study in the Art of Vibrational Healing that addresses all aspects of disharmony in the human energy field and consciousness. This includes the mental, emotional, spiritual, psychological, and even physical levels of being.

QVH utilizes Sacred Geometry, Sacred Healing Codes and Symbols, and Vibrationally Encoded Language of Light to accomplish healing at the causative level. This new clearing technology transmutes (or dissolves) discordant energetic blockages and solidified etheric substances to facilitate healing.

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New Client Package $950

Analysis and Clearing Package

Prerequisite: You have completed New Client Package or Ignite Your Soul Program.  $400.00 

Single Session Tune-Up

Prerequisite: You have completed New Client Package or Ignite Your Soul Program. $200.00

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Session Instructions & Systems of Spiritual Awakening (Processing)

How to prepare for all appointments.

All Group Sessions, Online Classes, and Private Appointments. Watch the video on processing how Jeffrey explains what your field goes through.  

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Contact Information:
[email protected]