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Are You Living Your Life's Purpose?


As Spiritual Being,

it's important for us to access our true nature and experience spiritual growth. However, many are unable to move beyond past experiences and existing blockages.


Concerned About the Future

Depressed, and unable to manifest what you really want out of life. Vibrational healing helps us to heal dis-ease or dysfunction, so we can move forward and fully experience joy in our lives.

Soul Warrior Network

Is a twelve-month program that  will facilitate changing your subconscious programming, addressing negative self-talk, clearing core wounds, healing your nervous system, and training your psychic gifts. 

 What You Get In The Soul Warrior Network

An exclusive membership for individuals on the spiritual path


The first three weeks of every month, Jeffrey Wilson facilitates live group healings on Zoom. We cover one major subject each month. 


Each week after the group clearing, we host a Q&A session. That's where we dive deep into how these clearings help you access your consciousness.


Healing is so much more powerful when we collectively build a field of creation. Meet other people focused on the same intention, and let’s create magic together! 

Class Reviews

We suggest that you attend each group session in person.  They are always first three Wednesdays of every month.  For any reason you are unable to attend you have to option to revisit that month’s sessions at your leisure. 

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What they are saying...

Becoming purified of material, spiritual and emotional dross.

Participating in Jeffrey's weekly inspirational Soul Warrior Network teaching and clearing work via zoom has been a positive and uplifting experience for me.  During these perilous times, he reminds us that everything is frequency.  His clearings raise our frequencies.   As I experience his clearings, I feel as if I am becoming purified of material, spiritual and emotional dross.  I enjoy being a part of this pioneering Soul Warrior Network movement, which enhances participants’ ability to "shine our light" for the spiritual upliftment of mankind.  

Diane S.

Blocking my heart from beauty and goodies.

Since I began the Soul Warrior Network journey with Jeffrey, grateful is a part of my life.  I never could feel that before.  I, of course, mourned that I could not, as it meant to me that I was heart blocked from beauty and goodies.  And I do not feel gratefulness much anywhere else but with the Soul Warrior Network Community.


Improvement in results with my clients and more.

Working with Jeff Wilson’s Soul Warrior Network campaign for just 10 weeks so far has made a big difference in my life. As a professional healer, receiving a 13% improvement in results with my clients is huge and very gratifying. I also received a 15% improvement in my self-confidence, and my level of hope for a better future went up 20%. All of this has made my life much more enjoyable and productive. Thank you, Jeff and Beth!

David G. Speer, Ph.D.

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The Soul Warrior Creed




Who are resourced with tools and modalities outside of the mainstream to restore balance and vitality. 


Who trust their inner voice before any external noise.

Sovereign Ones

Who won’t be threatened into backing down because they have already made their choice.

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